All content on Nature=Health+Beauty, including but not limited to information regarding specific healthy lifestyles, type of ingredients, particular use of product, temperature, combinations and mixtures of any ingredients, medical conditions, preventive care and health care is presented solely for general informational purposes and is used at your own risk.

The information provided Nature=Health+Beauty is not intended and should not be utilized as a substitute for the advice provided by a medical doctor or health care provider, and does not take into account your individual health condition. If you have any questions or concerns about any medical matter, do not use any products shown here unless and until you consult your medical doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you suffer any allergic reaction, pain or uncomfortableness while using any product, immediately stop using the product and call your medical doctor.

Nature=Health+Beauty will not be liable for any misinformation, injury, illness, loss or damage suffered by you or others through your use of the products or information provided on this blog.

You agree not to rely solely on the information contained herein for your health and wellbeing. Use of the recommendations on Nature=Health+Beauty is at the reader’s risk and responsibility.

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