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Dear Readers,

The featured October apple blog entries are our final submissions. We have all completed our studies at the West Island Career Centre. The time has come for us to apply our new skills and to find employment in the administrative field. Researching and writing about honey, oil, lemons and apples in the past few months has been a fun and educational experience. We would like to thank all the blog readers who visited our site. Please revisit our entries as often as you like.

This blog, which grew out of our classmates’ interest in natural products and remedies, was realized as a collaborative effort. However, it could not have come to fruition without the support and guidance of our teacher, Ms. Athena Anders. She wisely saw in this project, on a subject important to us, an opportunity to help perfect our writing skills.

Wishing you good health and happiness,

Farah S., Louise R., Lydia M., Marian R., Mohamed F., Rania B., Rosa H., and
Sera-Anne O.

health and happines avenue strees


We are a group of students from the West Island Career Centre’s Administrative Professional Program who share a strong interest in natural health and beauty. Nature=Health+Beauty, our blog, provides us with the opportunity to research, explore and write about our discoveries on natural remedies, and their remarkable benefits.


Nature=Health+Beauty aims to create awareness about a variety of botanical and natural products available for personal well being. Our objective is to help our readers make informed decisions about both alternative health and beauty treatments. In time, our intention is to increase our content and offer a wide array of outstanding remedies and tips.


With complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) on the rise, people everywhere are turning to nature for healing and natural beauty essentials. While we agree that certain conditions require direct medical attention, some others, like the common cold or cough can easily be alleviated with natural products from your kitchen or garden, as is the case with the ingredients used in the making of our Magical Honey Turnip Cough Syrup.


Non-processed foods are essential for maintaining good health. Although processed foods are convenient for our busy lifestyles, they often contain harmful additives. For example, the overuse of sodium in many of these foods, can lead to cardiovascular disease. Nature=Health+Beauty will examine these issues and provide the reader with the latest research on the healing properties of whole foods. We will also supply you with delicious and nutritious recipes. You must try the Orange Banana Smoothie with Honey.


Today many beauty products contain endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that affect the hormonal system and can produce hormonal cancer–breast, endometrial, prostate or ovarian. Developing natural beauty routines will be easy and safe to follow. Find out what special natural ingredient Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, and Catherine Zeta-Jones use for their beautiful glowing complexions, Cleopatra’s secret beauty recipe and even how to do your own natural depilation at home.


Every issue will focus on one specific product from nature that promotes health and beauty and set you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The content of this issue is about honey. Explore facts about honey and the most expensive honey in the world, priced at $8500 per kilogram.

We will meet again for the next issue about the healing power of different oils.

May You Walk in Beauty”, a Lakota and Navajo phrase used to say goodbye, which means may you be in harmony with all living things.

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