Avocado Oil – Natural Mosquito Repellent

I had been complaining to Wanjira Njenga, my yoga teacher about mosquitoes constantly attacking my dog and me on our daily summer evening walks. Wanjira suggested the perfect solution for our problem — a natural recipe for a mosquito repellent prepared with a blend of avocado, lavender and spearmint oil. Eager to try the repellent, I bought all the ingredients and blended them all together and to my surprise— IT WORKED! Bella Mia, my cocker spaniel and I can now enjoy our walks sans mosquitoes.

Wanjira’s Mosquito Repellent

Materials: Spray bottle, avocado, spearmint and lavender oil

Measure three parts avocado oil to one part spearmint and lavender oil. Pour oils into a spray bottle and use liberally before venturing outdoors.

Caution: Prior to using the repellent, make sure you are not allergic to avocados by rubbing a small amount of the oil blend on your arm and then simply wait 15 minutes, if you do not have any reaction, use the repellent freely on your skin.

Properties of the oils in the Repellent Blend

  • Avocado oil acts as a carrier oil for other flavours. It is high in monounsaturated fat and vitamin E.
  • Lavender oil functions is an antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Spearmint oil functions as an antiseptic and wards off mosquitoes and other insects.

Avocado oil

Louise R.


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