Turkish Honey Costs as Much as a Small Car

Elvish honey is the world’s most expensive honey and has the price tag to match the claim—$8500 CAD per kilogram.

The honey is produced without hives, on the spherical walls of a 1,800 meter deep cave in the Saricayir valley of Artvin City in Turkey.

Gunay Gunduz, a third generation beekeeper, first noticed some bees entering the cave in 2009 and was convinced that there was honey inside. Gunduz said that when he and a group of professional climbers scaled the interior of the cave, they discovered 18 kilograms of honey on the cave walls. Subsequent analysis of the honey in a French laboratory confirmed that the honey was a seven year old, top quality mineral enriched product.

The first kilogram of honey was sold at the French stock exchange in 2009 for $77,600 CAD. In 2010 pharmacists from China paid $47,500 CAD for one kilogram.

For those eager to sample a jar of the liquid gold it is now available in 170g and 250g jars.

View clip:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3BHT0wvNqk

Photo of wall

Gigi A.


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