Honibe Lozenges and Immunitor–New Tuberculosis Treatment

Island Abby, is a Prince Edward Island company that was established by John and Susan Rowe in 2004 to market a solid form of pure honey drops, called Honibe lozenges. The company’s honey drops were created as a sweetener for hot beverages and to provide relief for sore throats.

John Rowe was approached by various manufacturers about the applications of his honey lozenges to deliver medicine. Immunitor, is the manufacturer that worked with Island Abby to formulate the Honibe drops with Immunoxel, a liquid extract from 25 different plants used to treat cold and flu and even tuberculosis.

According to the 2013 World Health Organization statistics, there are over nine million people inflicted by tuberculosis, a highly contagious lung infection.

Immunoxel is currently an alcohol based liquid that is problematic for shipping and also has a reduced shelf life. The development of a dry delivery system has increased the product’s shelf life and facilitated usage and dosage.

Immunitor tested four different dry forms and the Honibe lozenges proved the most successful. Test results from the 18 patients who were administered the Immunoxel in the Honibe lozenges indicated clear sputum tests after only one month. Although honey is more expensive than sugar; the advantages are far greater than the cost.

Honibe Immunoxel Lozenges Have Been Tested Successfully for Tuberculosis

See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjbSg6J0VUY

Visit the Honibe website at, http://honibe.com/honey-for-health/ and discover honey’s health benefits.

honey lothenges

Farah S.


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