Cleopatra’s Beauty Secret

Cleopatra’s beauty mesmerized men and led her to engage in the most scandalous love affairs of her time. What was Cleopatra’s famous beauty secret she used to seduce men? She accentuated her beauty and youth by regularly indulging in milk and honey baths. Milk contains lactic acid and has anti-aging properties which produce collagen and exfoliate dead skin cells. Honey seals in moisture, is anti bacterial and leaves skin feeling silky soft. Cleopatra also added jasmine or rose oil to her milk and honey bath, but feel free to add your preferred essential oil to the recipe. Thanks to Cleopatra, milk baths have recently made a big comeback.


  • 3 cups full fat milk
  • ½ cup raw honey (any brand)
  • 10 drops any essential oil (optional)


  1.  Fill bathtub with hot water

The hotter the water, the better it is for dissolving the ingredients. You can cool the water to a comfortable temperature prior to taking your bath.

  1. Dissolve the honey

Place the raw honey in a cup and dissolve by pouring ½ cup of boiling water over the honey, then simply stir until honey has dissolved. Add cup contents to the bath water.

  1. Pour the milk

Measure your milk and pour directly into bath water.

  1. Add your choice of essential oil and pour in bathtub. (optional)
  2. Mix

Use your hand to swirl and mix all the ingredients in the bath water before you indulge. Slip in, relax and enjoy! Cleopatra Lydia M.


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